Raising Beef Cattle For Profit On A Small Farm

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Raising Beef Cattle For Profit On A Small Farm


Raising beef cattle for profit is one of the most progressive ventures in the animal raising industry. Cattle farmers earn huge profits every year, as demand for beef practically never goes down. Farmers all agree that it doesn’t take much to reap huge profits from this business opportunity – all you’d need is a good capital, patience, and know-how on the inner workings of cattle farming. With the many strategies available, it is probably just a matter of the new farmer working his way into which strategy works the best for him and his locality.


Raising beef cattle for profit starts with determining your objectives.

Are you only going to use the meat of the cows to be sold as beef? Or would you also have dairy products as a big part of your operations, as a supplementary source of income? How much are you willing to spend for the equipment needed for cattle farming? These questions should be answered to determine how much capital you’d need and the other resources you should have before venturing into learning how to raise beef cattle and getting into cattle farming.


For most farmers, the most cost-effective way of raising beef cattle for profit is by using grass-feeding cattle.

Because these cows thrive on grass, finding food for them to graze on is simpler than having to rely on feed mills for most of your cattle’s diet. Grass-feeding cattle also get the most nutrients, aren’t fed artificial growth hormones, and are not stressed from other cattle raising processes.


The best way to start is by purchasing several high quality cows and a high quality bull herd.

You will be able to raise and breed good stock through this with high quality calves, which would help your business to grow. Additionally, you have to make sure that you have enough pasture to move your herd around so that they all can access fresh grass for eating. You should also supplement your cattle’s diet with plant proteins to make them healthier.


Raising beef cattle for profit on a small farm is easy if you take the time to learn it, and the rewards will be great. If you are interested in raising cattle, go ahead and do so. You will surely not regret it after you see all the profit coming your way.


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