How To Raise Beef Cattle For Beginners

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How To Raise Beef Cattle For Beginners


Every farmer has his own way of raising his cattle. Nevertheless, the basics on how to raise beef cattle remain the same. First of all, adequate knowledge on the different beef cattle breeds is essential. You should be able to choose a breed well. Keep in mind that your success in raising beef cattle will mostly depend on how hefty your cattle become and how good their beef production is. Experts on how to raise beef cattle typically go for the Black Angus breed. However, you may also choose from the other popular breeds such as the Murray Gray, the Australian Bradford, the Texas Longhorn, and the Hereford.


In order to produce big and healthy cows, you should have the right location.

Beef cows cannot be raised in a barn. They need a spacious area in which they can graze freely. A small herd can thrive in approximately two acres; but if you plan to raise many cows, make sure that you can give them sufficient space.

Also, do not forget to install fencing in order to keep your cattle inside their grazing area. Find a location that is ideal for your cows and your community. Surely, you will not want your neighbors complaining and reacting violently against your ventures in raising cows.

how to raise beef cattle


Of course, you also need to provide food and water. One cow can drink up to twelve gallons of water each day.

If you do not have a creek or pond, you can buy a water tank and have your cows drink from a tub. An automatic watering device that can be heated is also a good option. When it comes to food, anyone who knows how to raise beef cattle will have the sense to stock hay for the winter. During the summer and spring, cows can eat all the fresh grass they want; but during the winter, they will need to be kept indoors and supplied with hay.


You can either grow the hay yourself or purchase it. It can be quite costly, though. So, growing it yourself is a better option especially if you only have a few cows.

Also, some of the available hay in the market are old and damp. These are not ideal to be fed to cows because they tend to encourage mold growth. Anyway, you should be aware that cows are vulnerable to various diseases too. Thus, proper health management is necessary. If you are not adept on cattle medication, consult a veterinarian. You may also ask experts on how to raise beef cattle for advice. With proper care and management, you will soon be able to produce big and healthy beef cows.

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