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by admin on May 12, 2013

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Raising Cattle For Beef – 4 Important Factors To Succeed


Raising cattle for beef is one of the most profitable businesses you can venture into nowadays. But you need ample knowledge to be successful in this industry. One of the first concerns that you must address are the resources available that will allow you to have such business. Land acreage is one of the most important things that you should look into as this will determine how much cows you can produce to the market. There are so many things you need to consider for raising cows for beef — not just the land area available. Here are 4 important resources that you should consider before starting your business venture into the cow industry.


1. Location of your Farm

Of course, raising cattle for beef needs a good location for the business to strive. Is the community perfect for such business? How much land area is available for farming cows? Will the neighborhood react positively or negatively to your business? These are some of the questions you need to ponder on that pertains to the location of your farm. You need an area that is tolerable with such business. You can’t put a farm to a residential area as this will not only decrease the land value of the area, but also cause nuisance to your neighbors (noise and air pollution). You need an open area with sparse housing to have as much space for your farm to grow and thrive.


2. Water Availability

Water is essential to the health of your animals as well as in maintaining the cleanliness of your farm. Does the area have an irrigation system? Where are water sources available in your area? An irrigation system will help keep the water flowing in your farm that your cows can drink on, clean themselves with as well as your equipment and the entire farm. If you don’t have an irrigation system you need to find where water sources are situated so you know where you can get your supply of water from.

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3. Facilities

Housing is one of the main things you will need for your cows. Although cattle are better pastured during the grazing season, they will still need housing facilities to keep them safe from precipitation and wind during squally weather conditions. Raising cows for beef inside houses should only be done during such season. You need a house that has enough space for your cows to move and well ventilated for the cows to breathe better.


4. Feeding

The next most expensive cost that you need to pay attention when learning how to raise cattle for beef are feeds, next to buying the cows itself. But feeds are essential to keep the healthy condition of your cows as well as to increase their value. During grazing season feeds may not take up a huge chunk of your investment since the grass are often enough to supply the nutrients that cows need. This can become expensive during the winter season when the grass is scarce. You need to prepare some money during such season to spend on feed.


You need to think about these things first before you dive into the industry. These things to consider when raising cattle for beef will help you budget your investment properly and find the best place to start farming cows.


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